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  • Ware Prep Academy of Atlanta is a 501c 3 – high school and sports academy established in 2006.
  • Vision: To educate all youths, especially youths from low income markets emphasizing a sports management curriculum in sports health, sports training, and sports careers while participating in elite athletics.

  • Our mission: “to provide a preparatory education to at-risk youths using the world of sports and technology through the use E-books and online STEM curriculum”.

  • We offer coursework in the core classes of Math, English, History, Health and Science for completion of the high school diploma.
  • Our Super Senior curriculum consists of NCAA core classes with emphasis on math, writing, public speaking, athletic life skills, and finance.
  • While many of our super senior students seek to enhance their athletic ability thru football, soccer and basketball they primarily pursue the opportunity to improve their academic preparation for college and strengthen their SAT /ACT scores to meet NAIA/NCAA requirements.
  • Training in preparation for the SAT and ACT is given to both high school and post-graduate students.
  • Our goal for the high school student is to complete the required curriculum for graduation in preparation for college. The high school curriculum covers grades 9-12.  We use the Khan Academy self-paced curriculum alongside of GA standard requirements.
  • Our overall OBJECTIVE is to help young men and women, both athletes and non-athletes, learn the value of developing good study skills, perseverance, physical and mental discipline, and self-determination in preparation for their college years. We want to teach them that the future is in their hands and that with an education, hard work, a positive mental outlook and strong physical and mental effort, there are no limits to what they can achieve.
  • Dr. Mamie Ware – Co-founder/Chief Academic Officer/President (PhD in Biology, 25+ years of teaching and administration at the collegiate level)
  • Greg Ware, MBA – Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer (12+ years of entrepreneurial ship, and college professor)



In 2007 we open our doors in Atlanta Ga.  We had 65 male student athletes, which made up our football and two basketball teams. These students came from high school coaches, parents who wanted a better life for their child and word of mouth marketing. Both the basketball and football teams competed in the freelance league playing elite prep schools such as Oak Hill Academy and Fort Union Military Academy in Virginia. We placed 81% of that class into college on scholarships.



Educational Goals are:

  • To offer a bridge curriculum for student’s grades 10 – 12 that upon satisfactory completion will result in a High School diploma.
  • Help students throughout the U. S. and abroad to qualify academically for the college of their choice by increasing their SAT or ACT scores.
  • To provide life-enhancing skills and structure that will be beneficial throughout their lives.
  • To help drop-outs and post-graduates recover and accrue credits for graduation, and prepare for state, end-of-course, and key standardized tests.
  • To create a K-12 private school, emphasizing sports management high school curriculum.
  • At the high school of sports management students have an opportunity to engage in experiential learning opportunities working with professionals in the areas of Sports Marketing, Sports Writing, Sports Media, Sports Medicine, Sports Law, and Finance. All students must adhere to a code of conduct spelled out in the “non-negotiable” and a strict uniform policy, both designed to continually reinforce the seriousness of purpose and mission of the school. Students are also required to participate in extensive after-school academic enrichment programs.
  • Community service required for graduation


  1. All students are capable of learning clear and concise communication skill
  2. All students are actively involved in writing across the curriculum to ensure that their writing is organized, relevant and engaging.
  3. All students are provided with a variety of individual and collaborative instructional approaches to support their learning.
  4. All students are successful when parents, teachers, administrators and coaches work together through effective communication.
  5. All students, teachers, administrators, coaches and community parents will engage in collaborative programs for the development of self-esteem, respect for others, integrity, compassion, tolerance and commitment as a means of enhancing learning.
  6. We are a product of our environment and our environment is a product of us.

Nondiscriminatory Policy

Students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin are admitted to all the rights, privileges, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at WARE Prep Academy of Atlanta.  The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in its administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

OUR focus:

  1. Qualify students and student-athletes for college if they have not already earned their high school diploma and/or NCAA Clearing House Certification.
  2. Providing students and student-athletes an additional opportunity to earn a scholarship and/or opportunity to play at the collegiate level
  3. Allow the student-athlete to maintain all of their years of NCAA college eligibility.
  4. Allow students an opportunity to take SAT/ACT prep class as a means of improving their scores.
  5. Preparing all students for life’s challenges via mentors
  6. Exposure to college lifestyle: WPAA operates classes as if we were on a college campus



Sports Programs

High School Sports

We feature super senior (13th grade) football and basketball programs as well as a High School basketball program for grades 10th to 12th. We play an national exposure – traveling schedule.

Both the basketball and football teams compete in the freelance league playing elite prep schools such as Oak Hill Academy and Fort Union Military Academy in Virginia.

The need for a post-graduate Basketball and football program:

Ware Prep Academy of Atlanta will be one of only three Post Graduate Football programs in the Southeastern Untied States; The others being Future Academy in High Point, NC and North Carolina Tech. In the Southeastern United States if a student-athlete doesn’t qualify academically to compete at a four year University as a freshmen the only alternative is to play football at Georgia Military College, Louisburg Jr. College or Mississippi Jr. College Association. According to Mississippi Jr. College Association’s rules, each team is only allowed five out of state players, therefore limiting the opportunities for out of state student-athletes.

Our super senior (post grad) basketball program completes with other like programs such as IMG in FL and others in SC, NC, IN, CA, TN, TX, MS, and AL. There are several year-end tournaments and scouting services for additional exposure.

The main benefit of attending Prep Schools versus Junior Colleges is that if a student athlete attends Junior College, they will use up one or two years of NCAA eligibility, where as playing at the Prep school allows the athlete to mature and thus maintaining all of their NCAA eligibility.

Pro Sports (future initiative)

WPPA academic program addresses the core needs of pro athletes; finance and entrepreneurship astuteness, public perception and awareness, comprehensive reading skills, and productive citizenship. Our goal is to curve the current trends that some pro athletes have found themselves involved with. For instance, Sports Illustrated (2009) reported that 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce. Within five years of retirement, an estimated 60% of former NBA players are broke. The NFL Players Association says at least 78 of players lost a total of more than $42 million dollars between 1999 and 2002 because they trusted money to financial advisers with questionable backgrounds. Furthermore, in Chen’s study, “An Analysis of Personal Financial Literacy among College Students,” it is concluded that college students are not knowledgeable about personal finance (Chen, 1998)

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