A proposal for preparing Athletes for entry to Collegiate and Pro Sports League with Academic and Cultural Proficiency

Ware Prep School and Sports Academy is a 501 C 3 federally recognized non-profit  established in 2001. We offer a K-12 curriculum via an PROJECT BASED LEARNING model and an 13th year ( super senior) for high school students athletes whom need a second opportunity to secure a college scholarship and to assist pro sport athletes with challenges of living a life of a star. Many athletes do not realize the immediate responsibilities and mental pressures they will encounter when they decide to leave school early. They are left at the mercy of the media with their instant camera flashes and microphones. Many young college and pro athletes might not be able to handle this even with the help of family, friends, and even an agent because they are unaccustomed to the exposure of mainstream athletics lifestyle.


We also offer a 13th year targeted at high school graduates that need to improve in the area of Life Skills, Reading Comprehension, College Writing Skills and Academic Peak Performance.  We realize that it is important not to just get the students into college but to prepare them for success once they get there. Success for our students goes beyond College.  While low ACT/SAT score are prohibiting them from obtaining an athletic scholarship, we are prepared to offer classes to prepare them to take the exams.  Our primary target market is 17 – 19 year old male student athletes from underdeveloped socioeconomic as well as educational and culturally challenged environments.

Please watch the video to learn about Project Base Learning.


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